In His hands

The hand of God is often referred to, both in Scripture as well as spiritual commentary. It evokes God’s personal attention in our lives. It can also expand our horizons to the majesty and awesomeness of God.

In Daniel (5:5), God’s finger wrote on the wall of the palace. In the Sistine Chapel, the finger of God touching Adam’s finger, brings him to life. “With his mighty hand and outstretched arm, God’s love endures forever;” sings Psalm 136 (verse 12). “Yet, O Lord, you are our father; we are the clay and you the potter; we are all the work of your hands.” (Isaiah 64:7). There is a sense of comfort that we can get meditating on the different references to God’s hands and what they have accomplished. We know what He can do, and yet we hold tight to worries and anxieties as if we can fix them better than He can. We are called to surrender to Him and put all things into His hands. 

It’s easy enough to say, but can be hard to do. It takes both awareness of when we try to carry or solve our stressors, as well as practice. Part of my night prayer as I’m settling into bed is turning everything over to God so I can get a good night’s sleep. The other evening, I started with the usual list: myself, my household, and my family. Since friends, neighbors, and co-workers are ever changing, I try to include all by saying past, present, and future of each. I guess I must have watched a bit too much TV, as I felt the need to include the candidates running for the local elections. “But why stop there,” I thought, “the country definitely needs help from God.” So I included the US, then North America, and expanded it to the globe. But God’s creation is bigger than that, so I also included our galaxy and our universe. Whew! That’s quite a list! And it all started with little ol’ me. 

I seldom realize that I am part of something so grand and amazing. When looking up at the stars, I do thank God for His amazing work, but it took me expanding that surrender litany to realize that I am part of God’s handiwork. God created the universe. And God created me; how awesome is THAT?! 

O sweet Jesus, I surrender myself to you; take care of everything.  

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