Catholic Girl Journey

I have been inspired by the adult education at St. Isaac Jogues Catholic Girl Journeyto learn more about my faith and to share it with others. My faith has always been something personal and I see it as a one-to-one relationship with my Creator. However, in this time and place, there are many who do not know God or realize the personal relationship that He has with them. I want to share my perspective via a blog, not just to add to the noise and opinions, but to let Him speak through me to touch those that may not have experienced Him otherwise.

I’ve been a regular Sunday church-goer and do my best to go to at least one Mass during the week. I also spend an hour each week in our adoration chapel. But God has so many more dimensions than just those outlets. To know Him better is to seek Him out in many different ways. Sometimes it’s in the day-to-day activities, or through spiritual reading,sometimes it’s through a retreat or an educational setting. The Catholicism series from Fr. Robert Barron  offered in our parish was one such opportunity to be inspired, to talk about the points he made and reflect upon the perspective that he gives. Fr. Barron  has a way of taking very intellectual information and bringing to a level  I can understand. I was eager to  follow up with his New Evangelization series, which ended with a challenge to become disciples and spread the Word of God.

I consider myself a shy person; I’m not the one that initiates a hello. Sharing something so personal as my faith with others is rather intimidating to me. The adult education series has allowed me to “dip my toe” into sharing within a safe environment of my parish community. I  find it fascinating to hear others’ experiences with God (whether they believe or just call it coincidence) and I marvel about all the ways He touches people.

So how can a shy girl participate in the new evangelization of the Catholic Church? With a background in websites, it only makes sense that I try blogging for God. In the blog I will share my perspective and thoughts about the amazing faith that I try to practice everyday. Practice may make perfect, but it does not imply that my practice is perfect. It’s one step at a time, one day at a time that makes up life’s journey. Everyone’s life journey is also a journey of faith, and I’d like to invite everyone to walk with me.

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