Thanksgiving List

Thanksgiving is a time when many look around and appreciate what they have: family, friends, food and fun. For those who are involved with the preparations for Thanksgiving, it is also a time with long lists of things to do. Can you be both appreciative and busy at the same time?

One of my to-do’s is to make the dessert for our family feast. I love baking, so for me it’s not a chore, but a way that I can participate. Since it’s not feasible for me to host the holiday, I can still be thankful that I have a fabulous kitchen and that I am capable of making pie crust from scratch and physically able to peel and cut the needed amount of apples.

Also on my list is to go food shopping for my parents. My parents live in a small rural town.  They are in their 80’s and they can’t get around as easily as they once did  While they do have help from my brother who lives in the area, when I come to visit there is always a grocery trip or two. I am grateful that my parents are still here and that I can assist them after all they have done for me. It can be challenging, as my Mom likes things done a certain way, but I need to mirror the patience she showed me when I was growing up. Sometimes I think she forgets that I am an adult who grocery shops for herself, but I can be thankful I am available to help. She is relying on me and it is a privilege to serve her needs.

While taking my car in for its yearly inspection might not seems like a Thanksgiving tradition to some people, I take advantage of having Friday as a work holiday to perform this chore. I am thankful that I have a car, that I can drive it, and that my company gives its employees Friday off as a paid holiday.

Regardless of the chore, even if it is something we enjoy, everything we do can be turned into a reason to be thankful. God blesses us every moment of every day. This year, let’s try to have grateful hearts open to appreciating all the big and little gifts He gives us.  Let’s make it a true time of giving thanks!   

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