Truth has green eyes. At least in my world she does. I just adopted a little orange tabby with a big name: Vera, which is derived from the Latin Veritas meaning ‘truth.’ There was one thing she did that really reminded me of what God, who is Truth itself, does in our relationship with Him.

Before bringing Vera home, I made space for her and did a good cleaning so that it would be a safe place  for her. Cats being such curious creatures, I tried to put as much away as possible, but in a one-bedroom condo, there is a limit to what can be shut away behind a door. There was one space that I neglected: under the bed. It seems that whenever I try to add something under there, there are so many boxes and pieces of luggage, that nothing else could possibly fit. I was confident it was not a place she could explore. I was wrong. She picked the dirtiest, darkest place and made herself comfortable. I bought her cat toys and a “tree” (a carpeted contraption with a sleeping place at the top):  I made space for her to run around and play. The first few days her comfort place was on a chair under the dining table. That I could understand. But under the bed? Why?

I may not understand cat philosophy, but I think she imitated Truth Himself by going to the place that I did not want to go. Maneuvering the mattress and boxspring by myself can be difficult. I had to face dust and wrangle the vacuum around the bed supports. It’s not something that I want to repeat on any regular basis, but I wanted to make sure there wasn’t anything that could harm Vera. God doesn’t want any harm to come to us, so He gets comfortable in the dirtiest, darkest places that we would like to ignore. His cleaning style is to shine light into  the darkness. It may seem like a dim light at first with all the stuff that’s buried there, and we will face dusty irritants. God is patient with us as we sift through the boxes remove  items that we had been clinging to  thinking we might need  them someday.

When I was finished with my cleaning, I did feel a sort of peace that I had done the best I could for Vera. And if we allow God to shine His light into the dirtiest, darkest places of our hearts and souls to help us clean it up, our peace and joy will be without measure, for we will truly be living as children of His light.

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