Delight in the Lord

When was the last time you took delight in the Lord? Hopefully I haven’t stumped you with that question. For me it was today and a small detail God took care of for me. It wasn’t anything I had any control over, but when it happened, I was excited and my first thought was to thank God for that act.

A dead limb on a rhododendron bush outside my front door may not sound very consequential, but the staging consultant had pointed it out to me and suggested I remove it. I considered it part of the trunk of the bush, as it had split close to the ground and grew for quite some time. The thickness of it was about half the size of my wrist, and my hedge trimmers were no match for it. I tried on several occasions and always gave up when I could barely put a dent in it. This needed a saw or some sort of professional tool to remove it.

I’ve spent the past month sorting, packing, and painting. Trimming that bush was the last thing on the list, partly because I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. I had thought to ask my friends who helped me to paint to bring a saw to cut it down. They were such a big help, I didn’t want their tools to get ruined over a partly dead shrub. Of course, the location of the limb couldn’t be against the wall and hidden by the healthy side; no, it had to be closest to the walkway and very noticeable.

My development recently changed landscapers and I saw they were out trimming my neighbor’s bush. I then realized my cat was rather anxious with all the activity, but oddly enough, she wasn’t looking out the window at my neighbors, but out the window that shows my front door. I looked out but didn’t see anything, so I said some soothing words to her and tried to calm her down. Her eyes were riveted at the activity out that window. I took a look again and saw the landscapers were trimming the bushes of my neighbor on the other side. I considered asking the crew if they could cut down that dead limb, but when I looked at the bush, it was already removed!

While this may not be considered a miracle in most aspects, to me it is one. I’m not lucky and I don’t believe in coincidences. This is God’s way of letting me know He’s on this journey with me. I am about a week away from having my place listed for sale. The timing couldn’t be more perfect! I realized how delighted I was in the event and little detail God took care of for me. It has buoyed my spirits and carried me through the day. I can’t help thinking that I’m acting like a little child who has been given a lollipop, not because I’ve been good or done something well, but just because Daddy loves me.

The next time you are delighted by an unexpected surprise, don’t chalk it up to chance, but thank God for all His blessings, even the little ones that only make a difference to you.   

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