Good all the time

I was at Mass the other day and the priest said something that really resonated with me: God is always good, even when life is unfair.

The start of that day was rather a rough one, and while I don’t like going to Mass grumpy, I know that’s when I especially need to go. As Father was giving his homily, his point struck home and I needed to hear that. I do get passionate about my work and my home, so when things are not working out the way I would like them to, it seems unfair and inconvenient to me. It’s like there’s not enough time in the day to get everything accomplished and if situations don’t go in my favor, I get further behind. The more I get behind the more worried I get. After worrying about things for awhile, I get annoyed that I’m spending all this physical/mental/emotional/spiritual effort on trivial matters way beyond my control. But God rains blessings on the just and the unjust, the ones at peace and the ones that worry. The difference between them is that one is attuned to God’s will and sees His blessings in everything, and the other still has a focus on themselves, rather than God’s will. 

God IS good all the time, and all the time God is good. It can be hard to feel God’s embrace when difficulties arise. Rather than focusing on our troubles, our focus should be on how God is sustaining us; how His goodness and kindness are around us: in the smile from a stranger, the purr of a cat, and the blue sky above. If we start thanking God for how things didn’t go wrong when they could have, we can put into perspective life’s unfairness. If anyone knows about the unfairness of life, Jesus’ death can be the poster for it. He was abandoned by His followers, denied by His closest friend, and executed as a criminal. However, Jesus’ suffering and death is not meant to make light of our situations, rather is an example of how to totally surrender to God. It also shows the power God has in making suffering become something beautiful. 

God loves us. God showers us with blessings. God is good all the time. Thank God that He is and does all that and more.

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