Leave it at the door?

I was at church for adoration recently and swirling through my head were thoughts (and complaints) about my job. I started to apologize to Jesus because I wanted to focus on Him. I thought I should leave all that at the door before I walked in…or not?

While it’s good that I want to focus on Jesus, He doesn’t need anything from me. I don’t go to adoration to add points to my life score so that I can gain entry into heaven. Rather, I go because I want a personal relationship with Him, and as with any relationship, I need to invest time to make it flourish. Adoration is just one option. Since honesty is the only way with God, limiting my prayer to only thanks and praise “limits” how He can help me. I need to bring all of it: the good, the bad, the ugly, and the “I-don’t-want-to-mention-it.” Healing and guidance can only start once we fully acknowledge everything that is going on in our lives. Jesus already knows what’s happening, but in order for Him to help us (or bless us), He wants us to place all of ourselves into His Divine Hands.

As I thought more about this, I realized that it works both ways. If I want His healing and assistance, I can’t leave Him in the church or chapel; I need to bring Him with me, all day, every day. If I leave Him there, then I also leave the peace that comes from being in His Presence. Limiting my time with God to just a sacred time or place also limits my relationship with Him. I won’t be able to see and recognize those moments when He is working in my life because I’m not open to Him in my daily life. The more I look for Him, thank, praise, and ask for His help, the more I will be able to see and appreciate His handiwork.

I think for me the hard part is not laying my troubles at the feet of Jesus, it’s leaving them there. If I want Him to help, I need to let go and let Him take care of it. I need to believe He will. I must not worry or be anxious, which is something that must be practiced to be achieved. Life gives us ample opportunities to practice, let’s make the most of them.

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