Just like Noah

One of the few and regular times I step out of the house is when I shake out the mat that sits under Vera’s litter box. The other day in doing so, the deck was still wet with the rain that had fallen earlier in the day. I thought of an odd parallel to Noah, who braved 40 days of rain, months of waiting for the waters to recede, and having numerous animals to care for and clean up after during that time. 

In pondering deeper, I imagine Noah as a role model for us in this time of sheltering in place. While many can still go outside for walks or some exercise, keeping the required distance from others, the majority of the time is spent sequestered within our homes. We may complain about it, but Noah had it worse: 40 days of heavy rain to the point where everything flooded. Perhaps I should thank God for every sunny day during this trying time. 

Noah had to care for, not only his immediate family, but also wild and tame animals and birds. While our pets provide us with much affection and causes for laughter, some behaviors may irritate us more quickly than usual because of the monotony of our circumstances. I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to make sure, on a full ark, each animal and bird, and each having its own personality, was fed and its area clean. I am very glad Vera is in my life and keeping me company, but then again, I’m very glad it’s just her. And every time she starts meowing constantly because she deems it feeding time, I need to remember that she’s just a cat and has no idea why I’m home all the time. 

I think the biggest parallel with Noah is trust in God. “Noah did just as the LORD had commanded him.” (Gn 7:5) While Noah knew there was going to be a flood, he did not know how long he was going to be on that ark. After 40 days of rain, the waters took months to recede enough to leave the ark. Noah had to trust God throughout that time. I’m sure he had good days along with days that he had some doubts. In our time of instant gratification and thinking we have control over our lives, our current circumstances can be downright frightening, frustrating, or a combination of both. After a week or two, we just want everything to go back to normal. But events like these unfold slowly. Perhaps that’s to give us ample opportunity to learn that God is in control and to practice trusting Him.  

In the days, weeks, and months to come, let’s remember to be thankful for the sunshine and the ability to go outside, even just to stand outside our door. Let’s practice patience with those around us, and with those we keep in contact. And just like Noah, let us trust that God will not only see us through this time, but to help us become better persons as we navigate through it. 

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