Enjoy the scenery

In the journey of life, are you a driver or a passenger?

As a driver, one needs to pay very close attention to many things. First, is the car itself; is it working correctly? Are the tires okay? Is there enough gas? Then there is the road. Where are you going? Do you know the way, or are you referring to maps/GPS to guide you? How fast can you go on the road; do you drive the speed limit (or a little over that)? But you’re not on the road alone, so you need to be mindful of other drivers. On a highway, it may seem easy, since everyone is going in the same direction, but the higher speeds involved, added to the traffic that surrounds you in the front, back and on either side, can make driving just as challenging — or even more so — than a two lane road with oncoming traffic. And if this was not enough, some folks have passengers in their vehicles, which can be both a distraction and a helpful set of extra eyes.

Some people enjoy driving and find it relaxing. For me, I do it because I have to, not because I want to. On the rare occasion that I get to be a passenger, sometimes it takes me a few miles to realize that I don’t have to keep my focus on the road in front of me, the driver is already doing that. It’s then that I can start to appreciate the beauty of the side windows. I can see things! The driver may be on the same road that I drive every day, but when I drive, my focus is trained on the road and any potential hazards, I don’t get to really see anything too far beyond the side of the road. Being a passenger allows me to find new places, appreciate the beauty of the landscape in suburban/rural areas and people watch in urban places.

In the journey of life, do we insist on driving or do we let God take the wheel? It’s very easy to try and take control and say that after we get through a particular situation, then we’ll let God drive. Or we say we’re driving with His GPS, the Ten Commandments. But when we’re in control, how often do we allow the person joining our journey direction to merge in front of us? With God at the wheel, we can be sure to expect the unexpected. He may take us on roads we would never think of going, but as a passenger, why not sit back, relax and enjoy the view as well as His company. God wants to be behind the wheel so that we can truly see His creation around us. He’ll be there as we stop along the road to help someone, to share a meal, or just take in the world around us. When God is at the wheel, we are never alone, we will never get lost and we will never run out of gas.


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