Ten fingers and ten toes

“You made the world before I was born. Here I am holding you in my arms tonight.” Those lines from Francesca Battistelli’s Christmas song, “You’re Here” caught my attention. It made me wonder what Mary thought right after the birth of Jesus.

I’ve heard mention that new parents often count the fingers and toes of their newborns, just to make sure they are all there. Did Mary count Jesus’ fingers and toes? I wonder if he cried much, especially being in a rustic stable and laid on pinching hay. As a blessed newborn, how much did Mary and Joseph hold Him? Did they imagine what His life would be like? Did they wonder how He would save the world? Or were their thoughts more about their current circumstances of being registered and when they could return to Nazareth?

If you were to hold the infant Jesus, what would be your thoughts? Being over 2,000 years after Christ’s birth, knowing all the events that have taken place, would you thank Him for all that He would do? Would you ask Him for specific blessings or help? What if you put yourself in the role of Mary or Joseph, not knowing what the future would bring? Would you cuddle Him in your arms, make Him as comfortable as possible and just marvel that God would allow you to hold Him? Or would you talk softly to Him, making silly noises to get Him to smile and laugh?

God does smile and laugh. He has ten fingers and toes. He looks to us to help and care for Him — in every person we meet. We don’t know what the future will bring for those who touch our lives. Let’s take the wonder and awe of that first Christmas and pass it on to everyone we meet.

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