What’s new?

When I meet up with folks I haven’t seen in awhile, I often ask them “What’s new?” For me it is a way to avoid a one word answer to the “How are you?” question.

Recently I had the odd thought of asking God, “What’s new?” The logic part of my brain told me I was silly, as He is never-ending and outside of time and space. But my imagination took hold of that question and I started pondering what possible things God could tell me of what was new for that day. He could start by telling me all the new children He created, or how many babies were born that day. He could tell me how many souls He welcomed into heaven. He could tell me how many children were called to be His special children by baptism.

Perhaps He would excitedly share the number of new inventions that were discovered. Maybe it would be the number of medical breakthroughs that were identified, or maybe the number of lives that were saved through the the talent and skills of the doctors, nurses, and other healthcare staff as well as those by mechanical devices.

He could talk about what was created in nature: all the trees, shrubs, flowers, fruit, animals, birds, fish, reptiles, and insects. I would guess that the number of creatures would be much more than the number of humans. God keeps His hands in all of creation, yet humanity is still closest to His heart.

Or maybe what’s new is outside of our Earth: new stars, new planets, new galaxies. After all, God truly is the Master of the universe and is forever the Creator of all. Just because we don’t see it or may not be able to measure it doesn’t mean that there are not new formations outside of our reach.

Towards the end of the book of Revelation, “The One who sat on the throne said to me, ‘See, I make all things new!’” (Rev 21: 5) How awesome to have a God that never stops creating!

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