Ocean of mercy

If I am going to drown, let it be in the ocean of God’s mercy.

During a recent cruise vacation along the California coast, I spent time looking out at the seemingly endless Pacific ocean. The “peaceful ocean” was living up to its name, with gentle ripples at the surface. God’s mercy is often described as an ocean, and I began to ponder the connection.

Gazing across the horizon, the ocean appears to touch the sky in the far distance. Without land to interrupt the connection, the ocean appears to meet the heavens, the seat of God’s throne. The slightly undulating waves were mesmerizing; calling out their welcome. God does reach down to earth with His mercy in many ways, including the Church and her sacraments being the active ministry of Jesus. As a demonstration of His mercy, He welcomes sinners into His home and invites them to forgiveness in reconciliation and to partake of His Holy Body and Blood.

If each sin I committed had to be washed away by a drop from that ocean, would there be enough ocean? I know the ocean is deep and wide and the thought of it not being enough is hard to comprehend. Or is it too boastful to say that God’s mercy is more generous than I am sinful? What would it be like to be washed clean in that ocean? Would I gently float along the top of the water, or would I be completely immersed? Perhaps it depends on how much we want God’s mercy

It will never be too cold or too rough. It will never takes us against our will. His ocean of mercy is always waiting to welcome us. It is up to us to reach out and ask for it; to dive in and be cleansed; to surrender our will to His will.   

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