God versus job

Success, what does it look like? There are many “helpful” articles, blogs, books, videos and companies that will tell you that in order to be successful, you need to make progress. You need to move ahead from where you are right now. With this expectation in my head, it seems that the job front is the hardest place to let in God.

I am restless with my current situation, but feel blessed that I have a job that pays the bills. Each time I wonder if I should be looking for a new position, it seems that the answer is for me to prepare. It’s not a total ‘no’ but it’s not a full ‘yes’ either. I’ve been casually looking at job postings for several months and am having difficulty wrapping my head around the search process. The first question I ask is, “what do I want to do?” But is that the right question to ask if I want God to be involved of this aspect of my life? I do not have aspirations of becoming a CEO, rather, I want to do a good job for a company that I believe in and in an field that I enjoy. I’ve been with my current company for over 15 years, , and don’t want to leave just to make a change. I want it to be the right change. So how can I let God into this area of my life? I can pray for guidance, but is that it? Is there a way to really invite God into the search process to walk with me and help me to identify which positions I should consider,perhaps the ones that He would like me to apply for, but I might just pass over?

Next to the job search itself, the resume and cover letter are the next items which seem to lack the inclusion of God. After all these documents are supposed to answer the question, “who am I?” First and foremost, I am a child of God. That is not something that goes over well on a resume. Companies want me to list the jobs that I’ve had, and I understand they want me to prove to them I can do the job for which I’m applying. But I do not define myself that way. My qualifications go beyond tasks I’ve previously completed; they include the Catholic values I bring to my work. I’m not looking for a stepping stone to someplace better, rather I’d like my work to more than fill the void they posted.

Once in the workplace, my true Catholic self does show in my actions. So how can those actions lead me in the job search? Perhaps the time is not quite right to make a change. But like all things involving faith, I need to be prepared. Understanding the positions that are open now and updating my resume are two ways to get myself ready. I trust God to guide me to the right place.

One thought on “God versus job

  1. randomcatholicconvert says:

    how do you feel that God has led you in the past when it comes to life decisions? I am somewhat in the same place as you right now. for me, the challenge has been to be content with where I am while at the same time being open to something different because something tells me that if I can’t be resigned to where God has me now, I will have a hard time being resigned to where he takes me. again, that’s me. I’m just typically restless.


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