Doors of choice

The faith journey is one of many choices. Robert Frost in The Road Not Taken, describes “Two roads diverged,” but I prefer to think of them as doors. Regardless of how we describe them, they are a unique moments in time that can never be recaptured.

All through our lives we make choices: hundreds, thousands, millions maybe, every minute of each day. I find a door much more descriptive in describing choices than a road because sometimes you can’t see what lies on the other side of your choice. Some doors are enticing and you look forward to entering. Others are scary and forbidding making us want to avoid them.  Doors can also be made of all types of materials. Many may think of the standard wooden door, but doors can be of glass, metal, fabric, screen, tile, books, candy, or anything else one can imagine. Doors also open in a variety of ways: by being pulled towards you, by being pushed forward, lifted up or slid to one side.

Sometimes we are faced with a choice of doors that cause us to stop and make a decision in order to continue our journey, others may be discreetly on the side that we may never see, unless we are looking.  Some may be ornate and capture our attention. Some of these doors may feel like they are stuck shut or maybe they are without instructions how to open them, making us think they are not choices available to us.

Sometimes there are so many options, they encircle us and we feel trapped, even though we are surrounded by doors. Like the choice of buying a new home, there are many options, but even once we decide on the one, there will be many more choices that follow, giving the perception that we haven’t progressed at all.  It’s often that way with our faith journey where we know we are only going deeper and deeper into a mystery that may not be solved in this lifetime. Other doors, seem like old, familiar friends, for example the doors to our parish church.  The simple act of choosing to walk through the church doors each week for Sunday Mass is a singular choice. If we choose not to enter, it’s not a choice we can unmake. We may resolve to go to Mass the following Sunday, but our faith journey has been altered, and the choices of doors that will be available as we proceed will be different.

Once we walk through one of these choice-doors , there really isn’t any way to go back. The door that we have just come through is no longer the same door, since our decision changed the circumstances. Even if we were to turn around and go “back” through the door, what lies on the other side does not look exactly the same as when we left it. It may  be similar, but it is not the same. And the further we proceed, if we try to backtrack, the more different things will seem.

Our choices change us. Whenever we feel that we are not making progress, we need to remember that we have walked through too many doors to go back. Let us ask our guardian angels to help us choose the doors that will lead us to the ultimate door: heaven.

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